Brony Herd Census
State of the Herd Report

The 2013 Brony Herd Census Has Begun!

It's starting a little late, but the 2013 Herd Census is ready for you to participate. Last year, over 9000 (yes, I know, it's a meme...) bronies responded, and we'd love to get double or even triple the number this time.

This year, we're asking respondents to do something a little extra, if they're willing. Before taking the census survey, we'd like you to complete a short personality assesstment (it's both free and anonymous, just like the census.) As a bonus, you'll get your Briggs-Myers typological personality categorization. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, it's totally optional, but it should only take five or ten minutes to complete.

So, FIRST click here to take the personality test, and write down the four-letter personality code you receive, then...

Click here to to the 2013 Brony Herd Census.

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